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Welcome to The Association Mondiale de Dispacheurs / International Association of Average Adjusters


At the end of the 1950's, three senior Average Adjusters, Dr. Pierre Lureau of Bordeaux, Prof. Henri Schadee of Rotterdam, and Dr. Henri Voet, O.B.E. of Antwerp took the initiative of proposing to fellow average adjusters in other European states the setting up of an international body to promote the interests of the profession, and encourage co-operation between its members. The name of the body was Association Internationale de Dispacheurs Européens (AIDE).

An inaugural meeting in Antwerp session took place in April 1961.

It was attended by Average Adjusters from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain, who became Founder Members. Dr. Henry Voet was elected President.

During the years several average adjusters from other countries became members of the Association.

In 2007 the Association opened itself to worldwide membership and was named the Association Mondiale de Dispacheurs / International Association of Average Adjusters. It now numbers members in Angola, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Türkiye, United Kingdom, United States of America.

In 2014 the Association became an Affiliate Member of the International Union of Marine Insurance and of the International Salvage Union. Consultative Membership of the Comité Maritime International followed in 2017. 

A full list of past Presidents and General Assemblies can be found here.

Click here to find the folder containing the Association's Statutes. 

Bringing Solutions to Problems

AMD provides Average Adjusting and Claims Consultancy services in the marine environment. The members of this association provide worldwide solutions with sound advice and well reasoned opinions in a variety of languages. Cooperation between the various parties that may be involved in a marine venture is a great concern to us. No matter which party is represented, the willingness to sit down and openly discuss often results in a relatively quick resolution to a difficult situation. Our practical approach is to become involved with problems at an early stage. Whether acting independently or in a team of other suitably skilled professionals, we are able to pragmatically identify solutions in a cost effective manner. Common aims and understandings with all our members enable us to offer our services on a worldwide basis.

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Our Skills

In this current fast paced world profound changes occur which upset habits, traditions and certain comforts to which we have all grown accustomed. We are not immune to this change and realize that we must strive to adapt by bringing our skills to a world of new technology and globalization of economy in this vigorous and yet sometimes vulnerable international market. The skills which we bring to today's world are many and are founded upon our in depth knowledge of marine insurance and claims which allow our members to effectively satisfy clients needs in a cost efficient manner. Some of the diversified skills that our members bring to our clients are:

The Adjustment of Claims 

Our members adjust General Average and Particular Average losses and all other types of claims that would fall on a policy of marine insurance covering Cargo, Ships (Hull & Machinery, Loss of Revenue, Builder's Risks, Ship Repairer's Liabilities, Protection & Indemnity, etc.) and Offshore Energy Equipment. In adjusting these claims, in particular those of a General Average nature, it is not unusual for our members to act together as co-adjusters.

General Average 

Apart from the adjustment of claims arising from this category of loss, our members can confine their involvement in General Average to collecting the necessary General Average security documents (and Salvage security if necessary) from Cargo.

  1. A proven expertise is necessary to accomplish this task regardless of whether one or more Cargo Owners are involved in the General Average. However, with the extensive number of individual Cargo Owners that can be onboard a container ship, the collection of General Average documents from each individual can be an horrendous task for those who do not have this proven expertise to manage such an operation; or simply do not have the staff to cope with the extra time or the disruption in normal day to day operations that this will take. Our members are recognized experts in the collection of General Average security. With the global cooperation that exists between our members we are able, in close liaison with the Ship Owners and their local offices/agents, to proficiently accomplish this task.

Assistance to In House Claims Personnel 

Our members are able to provide advisory services to a claims department (Insurer, Broker or Owner) where a specific claim problem may require our expert advice or where short term assistance may be required to clear a backlog of files. Our members pride themselves on their ability, in situations such as this, to be able to work closely with in house services and, as in all of our appointments, in strictest confidence.

Project Development and Implementation 

As part of a team involved at the bidding and the contracts stage of a project and continuing through to its completion. Whether the project has a total or partial marine content, the foresight that our members can bring at the initial stages of project development as well as our proven ability to handle claims that occur during the term of the project (and thereafter if necessary) is invaluable.

Casualty Response 

No one wants a casualty to occur but when it does, the question is: are resources in place to react promptly? In a world where raw materials and products are being delivered "just in time" the ability for us to be there as soon as problems occur is essential. This proactive approach that our members have in their day to day business is ideally suited to those Owners/Organizations who have in place an emergency response team. To this team our members are able to bring sound advice in stressful times.

Loss/Risk Management Assessment 

We are able, either independently or in conjunction with other parties, to investigate losses, ascertain potential cause, recommend/monitor future preventative measures and provide periodic financial statistics.

Third Party Recoveries 

Investigating the potential for a third party recovery and providing detailed statements as to the financial loss sustained.

Arbitration and Expert Witness

Whether as a sole arbitrator or serving on a board of arbitrators or acting as an expert witness in a legal case, our members have the recognized credentials.

Postal Address / Seat of the Association

16 avenue Royale

1330 Rixensart


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