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The Association comprises the following categories of membership:
      (a)  Regular Members
      (b)  Honorary Members
      (c)  Retired Members
      (d)  Correspondent Members (including corporate Correspondent Members)
The membership fee is EUR 250 for Regular Members and EUR 220 for Correspondent Members.
Article 4 – Regular Members
      (1)  Any person who practises as an average adjuster is eligible for Regular Membership of the Association subject to fulfilling the conditions set out in (2) below.
      (2)  The applicant shall submit a written application to be admitted as a Regular Member to the President of the Association which shall include the following:
                    a. Confirmation of full or regular practising membership of a recognised national association of average adjusters. If the applicant is not a full or regular practising member of any such existing national association in the country in which they practice, they will not be eligible for membership of this Association. A national association’s written  confirmation of the applicant’s continuing membership shall be accepted as proof of  membership of that association.

                    b. If the applicant is practising in a country where there is no national association of average adjusters, the applicant must obtain the approval from a simple majority of the average adjusters practising in that country and who are already Regular Members of the Association. Should there be no Regular Members in that country, the applicants shall submit evidence of their practice as an average adjuster which shall be considered by the Association’s Management Commission.

                    c. If the applicant is practising in a country where legal provisions or regulations govern the profession, the applicant must submit proof of the officially required  rofessional qualifications.
      (3)  Applications shall be considered by the Management Commission and may be approved by it on a simple majority vote.
      (4)  Where the application is not in conformity with the criteria set for Regular Membership, the Management Commission may, at its discretion, elect the applicant to the appropriate category of membership. Such election shall be the subject of a simple majority vote.
      (5)  The President of the Association may require votes by the Management Commission to be conducted by secret ballot.
      (6)  The Management Commission will report to the General Assembly on the admission of applicants for Regular Membership.
We trust that new members will actively contribute to the goals of the association.

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